Darren Daz

Head of Citizen Farm

As a Natural Resource Management & Economics graduate from Australia. Darren has a deep interest in all things related to food and community. He is drawn to the vision of making the global food production more sustainable with the principles of circular economy across the entire food chain (from production, logistics, manufacturing and processing, up to the plate on the table).


He has worked in and managed farms in Australia and Singapore and would like to continue to do so all around the world, understanding different practices, climates and cultures. This helps him shape his farming philosophy and allows him to cross-pollinate ideas with different farmers.


In his current role as the Head of Citizen Farm, he aims to transform the urban agriculture sector into a more decentralised model, especially in developing cities. He believes that urban agriculture is the solution to the growing demands of mega cities and more efforts have to be channelled in that direction to make it liveable.


Darren is equally passionate about driving the industry forward and in his role as the Project Lead for the Singapore Young Farmers, he organises symposiums to attract younger generations into the agriculture industry. He hopes that one day Singapore becomes a more food resilient country and is recognised as the regional knowledge hub for agriculture.

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