Lynn Yeow-De Vito


Lynn Yeow-De Vito is a well-respected PR and communications veteran with over 20 years of expertise in the lifestyle industry. Endowed with an entrepreneurial streak, she established her own PR agency after working in Marketing Communications for international hotel chains and PR agencies.


She has personally managed the pre-openings of international hotels groups and award-winning restaurants as well as renown luxury brands in her portfolio of work. Lynn currently in her capacity has various roles including being a wife and supportive partner to Beppe De Vito , owner and michelin star chef of a burgeoning restaurant empire ilLido Group of Restaurants, Co-founder of LOOP PR a boutique dynamic boutique communications agency that provides tailored, results-driven PR and marketing solutions to some of the top F&B and lifestyle brands.


She is well-known for her generous appetite and passion for the F&B industry. This ardent foodie and mother of 4 boys travels extensively around the globe for good food, and is also the co-founder of SassyMama Singapore (, the top premium online website for mothers and women on what’s hot in the world of parenting in Singapore.


With a full plate, she always makes time and prioritise CSR efforts on the causes she strongly advocates – Women and children. Being on the board of UN Women Singapore together with a group of inspiring board members they do their very best to make a real difference to women empowerment, gender equality and violence.


Lynn is proud to support FoodSteps and believes that mindful eating leads to empowering ourselves to choose the right food choices. You will dramatically feel better, healthier and experience a lifestyle that is a healthier and happier you inside out.

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