Apr. 2019
Singapore 29 April 2019:

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Apr. 2019
Singapore 04 April 2019: Trina Liang from World Food Future on Channel News Asia “Singapore Tonight”

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Mar. 2019
Singapore 29 March 2019: Singapore Tatler covers World Food Future 2019

Food. It’s all I think about after I became a statistic. According to my medical results, I’m at risk of being part of the estimated 1,000,000 Singaporeans who will be diabetic by 2050, and maybe one out of the three Singaporeans who will drop dead from heart disease or stroke.


These days I can’t even order a smoothie without first confirming that the bananas used it in are slightly unripe so as to render the drink low-GI.


So when a conference came around that’s all about food—shaping the future of it, exploring sustainable production, reassessing our attitudes towards consumption—I lapped up the opportunity to participate in this new global conversation.

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Mar. 2019
Singapore 26 March 2019: The Straits Times covers World Food Future’s inaugural conference

Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor was speaking at the inaugural World Food Future (WFF) for Women Conference, held in conjunction with International Women’s Day, which was on March 8.


The conference on food science and nutrition was attended by about 300 people, with six panels of speakers that included industry leaders, policymakers and experts.

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Mar. 2019
WFF March Newsletter

We are excitedly counting down the days to our inaugural conference!


As you can imagine, a lot is going on behind the scenes and I wanted to thank all of you for your words of encouragement, advice and for supporting us every step of this uncharted way.


Happy to say that we are now FULLY SOLD OUT! And have already begun brainstorming for WFF 2020.

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Mar. 2019
Singapore 12 March 2019: Food security: Target consumers to embrace local food – Read this article by Trina Liang For The Straits Times.

Can you imagine consuming seafood that’s grown in the lab, instead of the ocean? Or eating a juicy 3D-printed meat patty that no animal had to be harmed for?


As alternative food sources begin to enter Singapore’s markets – Impossible Burgers made of plant-based substitutes recently landed here – the launch next month of new food regulator Singapore Food Agency (SFA) cannot be more timely.

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Feb. 2019
WFF February Newsletter

We are super excited to bring you our very first newsletter – just a month away from our first conference on 26 March 2019!

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Nov. 2018
WFF launch press release

Our official launch on 13 Nov 2018 was held at the National Library Singapore (Central). More than 150 guests, across government, businesses and academia were in attendence. Pls refer to https://www.worldfoodfuture.com/about-us/events/ for more details and photos.

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Oct. 2018
DPM on State of Diabetes

Singapore 27 October 2018: Why is FoodSteps our free schools’ nutrition outreach initiative focused on primary school kids? Read this speech by DPM Tharman.

DPM Tharman notes in a speech today “8 years ago, about 10% of our primary school children were overweight. Last year, this figure has increased to 13%. Many of these children were already overweight when they turned 5. We have to act much more decisively to change habits in the early years.


Otherwise, the situation will only get worse – not only for our children, but with consequences for the health of our population later on in life. 70% of children who are overweight at age 7, remain overweight as adults. This also has a direct impact on chronic diseases such as diabetes, and life expectancy”.

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