“To educate the consumer – so as to nourish the mind & body”


The main vision/objective of the WFF annual conference is to bring up-to-date food consumer education to consumers. Consumers are the most vital player in the food ecosystem and yet not enough platforms are made available for consumers to engage in meaningful dialogue with other stakeholders such as industry, government and scientists.


“In today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, WFF cuts through the noise and gives consumers access to the people who are leaders in our food ecosystem – enabling us to make better food decisions for our families…”


In a fast-moving world of new foods, diet fads, food scares, fake news and health epidemics, WFF’s mission of amplifying and clarifying important food, nutrition and food science conversations for consumers –  is imperative. We believe strongly that an educated consumer is a happy and healthy consumer. Thus the conference seeks to cast a spotlight on important food conversations such as food sustainability, food security and the future of our food.


The name “World Food Future” speaks to the interconnectedness of our food world across both space and time dimensions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the future has already arrived and future solutions have to bear sooner than ever. Meanwhile, our food supply chains have never been so acutely scrutinized aided by rapidly evolving technology such as AI and Blockchain.


How is an average consumer to navigate through all this change?


World Food Future (WFF) is a world’s First-of-its-Kind multi-stakeholder conference that brings together all key stakeholders on ONE platform for just ONE day to discuss hot-button food and nutrition perspectives and the most up-to-date food innovations. Stakeholders include: consumers, policymakers, scientists, doctors, nutritionists, business leaders (big and small), banks and venture capital.


Not only focused on the family unit food and nutrition decisions at a micro level, this conference also aims to explore the wider macro food world – its connectedness, sustainability, safety and security and impact on individuals, families and communities.


Why do we focus on women? Women are the key decision makers of family food and nutrition choices. Women together control US$20 trillion of the world economy, 93% of all food consumer purchases and 85% of all consumer purchases*. Women are also the primary caregivers of children and the elderly.


As women are most often the main guardians of a family’s well-being of which food and nutrition is a key aspect, it is important that women are up-to-date with the latest research, thoughts and innovations in this space – so as to be able to make the most informed meal decisions for their family and loved ones.


WFF serves as a platform to bring women food consumers towards a better understanding of a highly fast-paced, fast-changing and increasingly disrupted food world.


To shine a spotlight on women working and leading in the food and nutrition space, WFF aims to have a majority of women speakers for each panel where possible.


Net proceeds from WFF will go towards will go towards our FREE schools’ nutrition education program for kids – FoodSteps.


*Source: Girlpower

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