Nichol Ng

CEO & Managing Director of 6 Companies

As CEO & Managing Director of 6 companies – FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd, Groxers Inc Pte Ltd , LogiXtics Inc Pte Ltd , PlotX Inc Pte Ltd, X Properties Pte Ltd & X – Inc Pte Ltd. Nichol is responsible for sales, marketing, customer service, human resource, finance, business development and everything in between.


She oversees more than 160 employees, 4000 customers, 4000 SKUS and an annual turnover of more than S$65million. She bought over the 80 year old family business and re-structured the company in May 2007. She has been involved in the food distribution business since 2002.


Nichol takes a hands on approach to running the business while in the midst of grooming a team of mid management leaders.


As the business runs in a very traditional industry, not only was technology pivotal in changing the way the business was ran, but branding and marketing also took centrestage as most peers in the industry did not see a need to re-brand.


Some of the main challenges faced were similar to what other SMEs faced in terms of hiring talent and attracting them to a lesser chosen industry. Another good challenge is the need to keep re-inventing the business to ensure that we are always ahead of the curve. It is key for people to know that our company is not just a trader but a pivotal player in the whole food eco-system.


She has also taken it upon herself to innovate and lead the way for the peers in the wholesale trade by experimenting with various tech and payment solutions, newer alternative products, collaborations and any ideas that can help the industry to progress as whole.


To Nichol, being female in a traditionally male dominated business is an advantage. And being a relatively young head honcho of a 80 year old business has enabled her to run this “old” business like a start up but essentially with a lot more heart , soul ,character and experience.


The biggest aspiration is to be the most influential foodservice player in Asia, Not just Singapore. With X INC’s new “home” XPACE coming up in Q4 of 2019, These ideas will have a permanent place to come to fruition.


Prior to running the business, she was a Marketing Executive of MediaCorp Radio where she was part of the team in charge of re-branding all the Mediacorp Radio stations including Class 95, Y.E.S 933 and Gold 90.


Nichol graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences with Majors in Economics and Japanese Studies in 2000. Throughout her student life, she has been an active student leader. Progressing from a Head Prefect in her alma mata St Nicholas Girls School to be the President of Students’ Council in Catholic Junior College and finally the Vice President of the NUS Students’ Union in her graduating year.


As a continuity of her active social engagement , Nichol established The Food Bank Singapore in 2012, a Charity which re-distributes excess foods to more than 300 Non-Profit organisations, reaching out to more than 150,000 underprivileged.


She is also the current President of ONE(Singapore), a charity whose mission is to Make Poverty History by raising awareness about poverty issues in Singapore.


On a personal note, Nichol is currently married to her partner of 23years. She is a mother to 3 girls (7 yo, 5yo, new born) and 1 boy (3 yo).

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